Roofing Scams

There are roughly 20,000 complaints per year made in California about fraudulent roofing and contracting companies. To help avoid becoming one of these statistics, San Joaquin Roofing is going to give you the tools needed to spot these unwanted shysters on spot. Red flags you're being scammed by a fake roofing company:

-They ask for their money upfront, instead of partial payment, mainly dealing in cash. They also might offer to pay your insurance deductible or offer other no-cost incentives to reel you in.

-Never sign a contract without all the small details, you and your roofer have discussed, listed clearly in the paperwork; do not take them by word-of-mouth.

-Scammers will create extra, costly damage that needs to be repaired. These scams will generally start off with a too-good-to-be-true bid, which will gradually keep increasing in cost, typically once your roof is removed, they will add additional mysterious charges and damage. Always get multiple inspections and estimates from various companies to compare and contrast before choosing a roofer to ensure their credibility.

-Ask a lot of questions. Most scammers will dodge your questions; however, a credible roofing company will be happy to answer all your question and assist any needs you have. Some good questions to ask are: -How many jobs have you done similar to this one? -Have you done work in my neighborhood before? -How long have you been in business? -Do you offer warranties? -What is your full company name and physical address? (if there is no

physical address, but a P.O. Box, then it's safe to bet you're being scammed) -Do you have insurance and evidence of having it? -Do you have references?

-Ask to have/see a copy of their roofing license then contact the issuing office on their license to make sure it is still active and has no negative checks on it. You can also contact the County Clerk’s Office to see if this roofer has an up-to-date license.

-Always watch out for people going door-to-door after a storm offering quick, cheap labor for cash on the spot. Most roofing companies won't go door-to-door soliciting because they already have jobs and clients lined up.

It is best to choose a local roofing company because they will have deep, established roots in your community, along with, references you can trust. For all your roofing needs, count on a local name you can trust, San Joaquin Roofing (661-324-2044).

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